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The Villainess Survival Guide

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Once Upon a time there was a Villainess.... said no one ever.

What kind of messed up story did I end up in? Oh right, mine.

But this is so not the happily ever after I dreamed of.

I'm trapped in the body of the wicked Villainess.

The heroes I adored want me dead. The villains won't leave me alone.

And to make matters worse I'm stuck in a contract with THE demon.

Someone, please, get me out of here!

...Actually nix that.

I should stay, after all it is my story. Who better to change it?

*The Villainess Survival Guide is a fantasy romance that takes place in the same Universe as The Death Monarchs.*

Trigger Warning: This book also contains references to PTSD, mentions of SA and child abuse, death, and other themes that some readers may find triggering.

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